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The Right Time to Bring Home a New Kitten

Reading Time: 4 minutes Reading Time: 4 minutes What could be more joyful than a new kitten? A fluffy, adorable, silly, fun new feline family member has been shown to improve human lives in…

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5 Tips for Introducing a Kitten to Adult Cats

Reading Time: 3 minutes Reading Time: 3 minutesThere’s nothing like the fresh new energy of a kitten coming into your home! If you normally adopt adult cats, adding a kitten can be a real…

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Is It Crazy To Bring A Kitten Into Your Multi-Cat Household During the Holidays? Not If You Prepare

Reading Time: 3 minutes new feline family member. Kitten-Eye View Preparing for a kitten is much like babyproofing a home. Take a close look at your surroundings. What could inadvertently fall on a kitten?…

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Your Kitten’s First Vet Visit: What To Expect

Reading Time: 2 minutes …her carrier. The exception is when your kitten won’t be an only cat. If you have other cats at home, your first duty is to protect them. A new kitten

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Kitten Care: How And What You Feed Affects Wellbeing For Life

Reading Time: 4 minutes …will need to change this amount as your kitten grows, to meet her particular needs. Switching To A New Food To introduce a new food, select some different diets that…

Cats Life at Home New Pets

May-December Cats? How to Make the Relationship Work

Reading Time: 3 minutes Reading Time: 3 minutesThere’s nothing like the joy of a living with a new kitten: the wide-eyed wonder, the playful antics, the unabashed energy. We love our older kitties, but…

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Help Newly Adopted Kittens Overcome Fear

Reading Time: 2 minutes new owners as well as enjoy her new home. Lessening The Initial Worry Newly adopted kittens shouldn’t be brought home and then turned loose in their new house. The new

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Kitten Caboodle: Play Dates Are Fun and Educational

Reading Time: 3 minutes Kitten Kindergarten are as follows: Socialize kittens in the environment and with different sounds Educate owners about normal feline behavior Teach owners how to interact and play with their kittens…

Activities & Enrichment Cats Fears & Anxieties Life at Home New Pets Shelters & Fostering

Getting Kitty Orphans Off on the Right Paw

Reading Time: 4 minutes …athletic kittens. To discourage kittens from nipping hands, Noble teaches the importance of rewarding desired behavior (kittens who play nicely with wand toys) and ignoring unwanted behaviors (an occasional hand…

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Before You Get Your New Pet: Plan for Success

Reading Time: 4 minutes …your new puppy or kitten home, make the environment safe for your new pet. Puppy- and kitten-proofing not only protects your new pet from hidden dangers, but also safeguards your…