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We all love our pets and want what’s best for them throughout their lives. But we aren’t always equipped with the right tools, information, education, or resources to truly fulfill that goal. This is where Fear Free and Fear Free Happy Homes come in.

Become a Fear Free Happy Homes member today, and be the first to experience all that Fear Free Happy Homes has to offer:

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Starting in 2018, you can choose to continue your complimentary membership or upgrade to Premium for only $1.99/month or $19.99/year. Premium will provide you with continued access to Fear Free Fridays, select education and best of all—over 50% of your membership will go toward helping pets in need.

Creating a Fear Free Happy Home

Get started on providing a Fear Free Happy Home to your pets by learning from our friends Sunny and Cloudy in the videos below!

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Fear Free veterinary visit resources

Get exclusive access to downloadable resources that will help prepare you & your pet for a Fear Free vet visit, make the trip to the vet hospital less stressful, and much more.

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Fear Free Fridays will provide you with deals that are better than anywhere else that day. All of our featured products will delight your four-legged family members and will contribute to a Fear Free environment.

Be part of something bigger

In 2018, over 50% of the Premium membership will go towards helping pet owners that are unable to afford health care for their pets, as well as shelter initiatives.

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Fear Free Happy Homes is proud to provide content that is 100% reviewed by boarded veterinary behaviorists. Our contributors are recognized as the leading experts in their fields of veterinary medicine, animal handling, training and research.


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