Fear Free Friday | Pet Acoustics Circle

Get 15% off a Pet Acoustics Circle Subscription, only January 4, 2019!

What is Pet Acoustics Circle?

Pet Acoustics Circle is a digital music subscription for your pet guaranteed to calm behaviors. This award-winning music is clinically tested, and recommended and used by veterinarians for behavioral balance. Once you sign up for the Circle subscription, you’ll start receiving downloadable calming Pet Acoustics music tracks designed for dogs, cats, and small animals. Unlike streaming services, you will be able to download these tracks to all your devices to play for your pet and loop for all-day-play. Keeping the music on any device. We love our four-legged friends, and Circle is a new and innovative way to easily resolve separation anxiety, thunderstorm and firework agitations, or travel nerves. Veterinarians, who love our Pet Tunes speaker, can play this music through Bluetooth or a sound system in their practices.

Since 2009, Pet Acoustic’s breakthrough leadership on designed sonic environments for animals has helped thousands of pets and pet parents worldwide promoting wellness for their best life.

What is the deal?

As a Fear Free Happy Homes member, receive a 15% discount on a monthly or yearly Pet Acoustics Circle subscription.

How do I redeem the deal?

Pick a monthly or yearly subscription at PetAcoustics.com/circle, create an account, click “Have a Coupon?” and enter the following coupon code:

More about Pet Acoustics 

You may have already seen and heard our Pet Tunes music speaker that has calmed your pet’s visit at your local veterinary hospital. We have proudly been a Preferred Product recommendation for Fear Free Certified Professionals for over two years. What Pets Hear Matters is our mission, and this means that the sonic environment your pet lives in truly affects their behavior and health. Our 24 years of research and clinical studies resulted in the invention of species-specific music by sound behaviorist Janet Marlow, founder of Pet Acoustics. Not just any music, but originally designed tunes specific to canine and feline hearing, which puts them in a state of calm within a few minutes. The results are measurable and repeatable. Pet Acoustics provides a valuable pet parent tool to relieve stress and provide behavioral balance in any environment.