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What is Happy Paws?

Happy Paws is the pet-focused magazine from Meredith Corporation and Fear Free, LLC that is filled with ways to help you make sure your dog or cat leads a happy, healthy, full life.

Veterinary and pet professional experts take you by the paw to help you realize what your pet really needs to boost his quality of life. You’ll read stories that help you understand how a cat thinks and realize the differences between a dog’s senses and your own. You’ll get practical, budget-friendly advice on cleaning your pet’s ears and giving him a bath. You’ll learn how to train your dog to walk on leash with positive, reward-based methods that make practicing fun. You’ll come away with ideas for enriching a senior dog’s life, as well as for surviving the first 30 days with a new puppy. You’ll get tips for teaching your child – or someone else’s child – how to pet a dog that’s not his or her own. You’ll find out how to keep your cat or dog safe during harsh winter weather, lower their stress levels during upcoming holiday celebrations, and keep them away from people food that could harm their health. You’ll be touched by our story on the powerfully healing partnerships between kids and service/therapy dogs. And if you really want to impress your favorite four-legged friends (or other pet parents), make sure you reserve time to browse “The Pet-Lover’s Howliday Gift Guide.” Each super cool gift – like the fleece onesie for dogs and the silk nesting tree for cats – was chosen to help keep your pet warm, comfy, stylish, or entertained. We’re proud that all of our inspirational, easy-to-read content is reviewed by veterinary professionals, including board-certified veterinary behaviorists, to make sure you get the smartest advice possible.

We’re proud that all of this inspirational, easy-to-read content is reviewed by veterinary professionals—including board-certified veterinary behaviorists—to make sure you get the best advice. Count on Happy Paws to help you become the best pet owner possible and your cat or dog the happiest pet on earth.

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