Member Purrks | BabelBark®

What is BabelBark®

It takes a village to raise a pet. BabelBark connects that village through technology:

  • BabelBark Mobile App for Pet Parents
  • BizBark® for pet businesses
  • BabelVet® for veterinarians and practices

What is the offer?

BabelBark® is pleased to offer Fear Free members a 25% discount on activity monitor available at

How do I redeem the perk?

During checkout on, enter the following promo code:

How the company/products support the Fear Free mission:

BabelBark® creates an ecosystem to connect neighborhood veterinarians and local pet businesses with pet parents. The platform enables sharing and maintaining of information across the care community to ensure each pet lives a happy and healthy life. To do this, Fear Free and BabelBark share a common mission believing that pets should be Fear Free.