Fear Free Friday | Thornell Complete Odor Management

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What is Thornell?

Thornell specializes in creating products that permanently eliminate malodors – complex blends of natural ingredients that work through various methods and actions. All of Thornell’s products are safe for you and your pet and will help maintain your carefree relationship.

What is the deal?

As a Fear Free Happy Homes member, receive a 25% discount on any Thornell product.

How do I redeem the deal?

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More about Thornell

From normal dog and cat body odor, litter box and kennel odor, to odors from urine, feces, and skunk spray – leaving odor problems left unresolved can cause unneeded friction and anxiety between you and your pet. Thornell’s sole business is manufacturing odor elimination products that safely and effectively eliminate the odor. You can rest easy knowing that if you are using Thornell products, you are in fact using “The One That Works!” to help maintain a stress-free pleasant environment.