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What is Sleepypod?

You shouldn’t have to guess about the safety of your pet’s products. Sleepypod products are thoughtfully made for more comfortable, safer living with your furry best friends. From the tensile testing of our leash and collar lines to the crash testing of our carrier and car harness lines at U.S., Canadian, and E.U. child safety seat standards, Sleepypod devotes careful and caring attention to each detail in every product. Pets travel safer with Sleepypod.

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More about Sleepypod

Commitment to Safety

Sleepypod understands the importance of pets in their owners’ lives, and that’s why safety is our top priority. From the BPA-free silicone in Yummy Travel Bowls to the crash testing of our carrier and safety harness lines, Sleepypod devotes careful and caring attention to each detail in every product.

We created the Sleepypod Safety Test Program to improve pet passenger safety. This program requires each Sleepypod product must meet the highest standards for safety in order to reduce exposure to possible hazards.

Safe Travels on the Road

Cars were designed with humans in mind, so pet passengers require some extra help when climbing in for a ride. Rest assured when buckling up your pets because Sleepypod products are rigorously tested for safety to include static material tensile testing and dynamic crash testing at U.S., Canadian, and European standards for child safety restraints.

Sleepypod carriers and safety harnesses include Pet Passenger Restraint System (PPRS) components designed by Sleepypod to secure a pet in a vehicle and restrict harmful movement resulting from a sudden vehicle stop or frontal collision.

Every Sleepypod carrier and safety harness has received a top safety rating from the Center for Pet Safety. Pets travel safer with Sleepypod.

Without Data, Your Pet’s Safety is Just a Guess

Sleepypod’s proprietary crash test dog and crash test cat have new instrumentation and better biofidelity. DUKE 2.0 and CLEO 2.0 provide accurate, verifiable data that is critical to determining which product designs will lower the damaging forces on a dog or cat during a collision.

Tested in the Lab and in Real Life

Sleepypod products have been tested beyond the lab. Sleepypod carriers and safety restraints have been put to the test in real life accidents. Read testimonials from some of the many accident survivors at Sleepypod.com/safety.

Safety Matters

To extend pet safety after an auto accident, Sleepypod initiated the Sleepypod Crash Replacement Program. Sleepypod will replace or provide a replacement discount on any pet carrier or safety harness, regardless of the brand. Why replace a pet safety restraint after an accident? Like human seat belts, the integrity of the safety restraint components can be compromised during an accident. It’s critical to inspect a pet carrier or harness for damage before being reused.