Fear Free Friday | Komfy K9

Get 30% Off Any Bed Kit in the Quilted or Crate Line February 1, 2019, ONLY!

What is Komfy K9?

The genesis of Komfy K9 started in veterinary clinics as a bedding system to help patients feel more relaxed and provide comfort with relief of pressure points as they recovered from surgery or were in for a short stay at the clinic.

Owners saw how much more relaxed their pets were when they came to pick them up and saw the Komfy K9 beds they had been enjoying during their stay. As more owners saw the benefits firsthand, we had many requests to create a line of bedding they could use at home to achieve the same results.

We happily created the Quilted Cover Home Line and the Travel Crate Line for pets at home or on the road for a “komfy” ride. All dogs, especially seniors, disabled, or orthopaedic dogs, find our beds soft yet easy to rise from. And cats even love the benefits of Komfy K9 beds, too!

If there are accidents that stress owners and in turn stress their pet, our bedding eliminates this chain reaction as they can be cleaned within minutes. What makes Komfy K9 different is our bedding is made of a combination of a foam and air core mat with a rugged outer shell that makes our beds waterproof, durable, and easy to clean. Simply remove the outer cover like your fitted sheets at home and place it in the wash. Once laundered, simply replace the cover the same way by stretching it over the corners of the waterproof mat, and the bed is ready to use again.

Dander and dirt cannot collect in the core of the bed, so it is a great option for anyone with allergies. And since our beds can be cleaned completely, they are odor-free!

Komfy K9 also self-inflates and can be rolled up for travel. Simply roll up your mat and upon arrival it will re-inflate on its own within seconds.

Komfy K9 is a perfect way for pet owners, veterinary professionals, and pet professionals alike to provide their pets and patients with a bedding option that enhances relaxation with a supportive and extremely “komfy” bed that relieves pressure points and is very easy to clean and sanitize.

What is the deal?

As a Fear Free Happy Homes member, receive 30% off any bed kit in the Quilted or Crate line. All kits come with one bed, cover, and carry case for travel.

How do I redeem the deal?

On February 1 only, visit www.komfyk9.com, go to Bedding for Pet Owners for the Quilted line or go to Bedding for Crates & Kennels for the Crate line, add a bed kit to your cart, and check out using the provided promo code below. If you have any questions during checkout, please call 208-697-0088 for assistance.

More about Komfy K9 Innovative Beds

  • Offers excellent stability and relaxation
  • Pressure point relief
  • Core mat is both air and foam
  • Durable outer shell for a long-lasting bed
  • 100% waterproof
  • Lifetime warranty on manufacturer defects
  • Does not collect dander or odors
  • Great for allergy sufferers both human and pet
  • Great for seniors or disabled pets
  • Rolls up and self-inflates for travel
  • Can be 100% sanitized
  • On/off cover is easy to remove and replace