Fear Free Friday | iCalmPet Music Player System

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What is the iCalmPet music player system?

It’s all about the music! The iCalmPet ecosystem, featuring the music of Through a Dog’s Ear & Through a Cat’s Ear, has been clinically proven to relieve pet anxiety and is recommended by vets and trainers worldwide.

“This is part of my pet prescription. As a practicing Veterinarian, I’ve talked about this product on Good Morning America for separation anxiety and noise phobias.”
– Dr. Marty Becker

Since 2013, our beautifully calming music auto-repeats on a sturdy, long-lasting, portable speaker – great for use at home, in the car and at the vet… or wherever you take your beloved pet!

What is the deal?

As a Fear Free Happy Homes member, receive a 25% discount on either an iCalmDog or iCalmCat Standard package.

How do I redeem the deal?

Only on Friday, November 2, 2018, add your iCalmDog or iCalmCat Standard package to your cart on iCalmPet.com and checkout with the following Coupon Code:

More about Music for Pets

The missions of Fear Free and iCalmPet compliment one another wonderfully. Since our inception in 2003, we continue our dedication to the use of music and sound for the abatement of pet (and human) anxiety. When we say “Through a Dog’s Ear“, we mean it. We even wrote a book about it!

Specific applications include:

Veterinary visits, separation anxiety, noise phobias (including thunderstorms, fireworks, construction, household noises), transportation time, introducing pet to new stimuli (babies, visitors, other pets) in home environment, grooming time, doggy daycare quiet hour, crating at dog shows/agility trials/sport events, training classes, excessive meowing/barking, hyperactivity, pre- and post-surgery, helping puppies and kittens acclimate to new homes, reactive/fearful issues