Fear Free Friday Deals

We all love deals, but Fear Free Fridays are so much more than just deals. Fear Free Friday deals are game-changers for you and your four-legged family members. They have been hand-selected because they align with Fear Free and will either reduce fear, anxiety, and stress or provide in-home enrichment for your pet. The products selected to participate in Fear Free Fridays might be lesser known brands or products that are not even on the market yet. You might even be able to test out the latest and greatest products from well-known brands and provide feedback.

As a Fear Free Happy Home member, make sure you take advantage of Fear Free Fridays! On the first Friday of every month, a one-of-a-kind deal will be available exclusively to our members. Simply click on the featured deal that day and complete your purchase with the vendor.

Get 20% Off the Intellikatt Interactive Cat Bowl on Sept. 6 ONLY!

Stimulate and challenge your cat! The Intellikatt food bowl develops his intellect and prevents unwanted behavior.

Get 50% Off the Ultra Calmer Collar!

Pet Acoustics offers a unique range of innovative species-specific products based on pet hearing sensitivities. Their award-winning products have helped thousands of pets worldwide to resolve sound-triggered stress behaviors resulting in a calm and healthier life.