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What is the Calmz Anxiety Relief System?

During a stress event, a dog experiences decreased blood flow to the brain as their adrenaline and anxiety peak. The Calmz Anxiety Relief System from Petmate can restore normal blood flow and help soothes the dog’s stress and anxiety. It works by utilizing an innovative two-part system. First, the comfort fit vest cradles the Calmz device over specific acupressure points on your dog’s spine. When the device is activated, your dog will hear and feel a therapeutic medley of classical music, tones, and gentle vibrations called NeuroSync Technology®, which soothes their anxiety. The Calmz device helps increase the blood flow to optimal levels. As it pumps back to the brain, normal neural firing resumes, helping reduce your dog’s anxiety.

Comes with:

  • Adjustable comfort fit vest
  • Calmz device
  • Detailed instruction booklet
  • Tips for acclimation

The Calmz device has 12 settings for the duration, the intensity of vibration, and repeat or no repeat mode. Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included)

What is the deal?

Fear Free Happy Homes members will receive the Petmate Calmz Anxiety Relief System at a reduced price of $49.99. That’s a $50 savings from off of the regular price and includes free shipping!

How do I redeem the perk?

Simply click on the link below to go to Petmate’s site and receive the Fear Free Friday discount on Calmz:

More about the Calmz Anxiety Relief System

Learn more about Calmz at their website.